About me


I am Gen Clacken, an educator and educational technologist with over 20 years experieince.

I believe education should be a liberatory experience, resulting in the individual becoming or seeking to become his best self, and in so doing participating in societal transformation at best, and reformation at least.  I believe technology is a tool that facilitates that liberatory experience and should be leveraged for maximum effect and affect.


My activities as an educator are guided by five important and fundamental principles:

Quality  –   Doing my best, giving my best

Integrity – Continually aligning my actions with my core values

Passion –  A desire to see others experience the kinds of meaningful change in their lives and legacies as I have experienced through accessing quality education

Life-long Learning –   A commitment to remain current and relevant in my expertise and the methods used impact my world

Compassion  –   A recognition that as humans we are in need of the care and understanding that mirror those described in the Holy Scriptures.

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